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Almost Exactly - A Paradox Compendium

Paradoxes have captivated humanity and its philosophy since ancient times. Our manifold explorations of them have seen philosophers, mathematicians, physicists, writers, and visual artists alike making it their center of interest. In fascination, we seek to understand its patterns and principles. Yet, by its nature, it eludes our minds’ grasp and fends off our constructs and systematization. As a result, paradoxes often act as the gatekeepers of new paradigms in science as in art, triggering new methods of seeing and understanding our world.

ALMOST EXACTLY is a pictorial paradox compendium in three chapters, beginning with “Infinity”, followed by “Vagueness”, and departing at “Self-Reference”. These pencil illustrations traverse but a fraction of the vast surface of an infinite universe of paradoxes, with accompanying text that guides the beholder through the respective paradoxes. As one will see, these are drawings that explore paradoxicality with surreal, yet cordial imagery.

concept/design/illustrations: Thoka Maer
written by: Thoka Maer
edited by: Sherin Z. Siew