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Dogpark Blanket

'Dog Park' is an all soft and woven, not printed, so the back side features a reverse image.
Inspired by all the great doggos out there, this blanket features some of there best moments. Butt sniffs, squirrels, some digging, cats, more squirrels, belly rubs, dog park first timers and emotional support stuffed animals. The edge additionally highlights dog essentials such as sticks, sausages and more squirrels.
No shortage of leafs, trees, grass or cloud. 
It's a artsy tapestry to hang on your wall.
It's a throw big enough to fit perfectly over a standard queen size mattress.
It's soft to keep your warm and comfy on your couch.

60inch x 80inch
woven from 100% cotton
tasseled edges
machine washable and tumble dry

You can buy the blanket from my Etsy store.